If You Had An Accident


Step 1: Exchange info with the other driver in the collision – name, customer number, and license number. If you can, get names and addresses of any witnesses.

When to call the police?  The collision results in injury or death, it’s a hit and run, a driver is impaired, either vehicle has to be towed or the collision involves a vehicle that doesn’t have a valid license plate or is out of province.

Step 2: File your claim with SGI or MPI either online or Dial-A-Claim. They will set up a time with an appraiser.
Step 3: Meet with an appraiser. Drive your vehicle to the claims centre. If not driveable SGI or MPI will pay to have it towed there. They will appraise it and let you know the damage.
Step 4: Have your vehicle repaired. After your adjuster confirms your insurance coverage is in order, you can have your vehicle repaired at our auto body shop. Please bring your SGI or MPI repair estimate with you when you come to Key Collision Centre.w
Step 5: Authorize payment. Once your vehicle has been repaired, the body shop will ask you to sign a Certification of Repairs form. This form signifies that you’re satisfied with the repairs and authorizes SGI or MPI to pay the body shop.