Find Answers to Commonly Asked Questions

I just had an accident! Now what?

Is it drivable or just a fender bender? There are many ways to handle this but usually insurance will need to see the vehicle first. After that happens please visit us with the vehicle and allow 15-30 minutes for us to consult with you on how to proceed. We can usually set an appointment date for repairs and answer any other questions at this time.

Is your paint as good as factory?

Absolutely, SGI requires us to have 1 year parts and labour warranty to repair your vehicle. We’ll take that one step further – we use PNEXA Auto Color which offers a Lifetime Paint Performance Guarantee for as long as the customer owns the car. We’re all human and sometimes mistakes happen, but if they do we stand by our work and so does our paint supplier.

Do you have courtesy cars?

You may be entitled to a free rental if you’re not at fault in the accident. In some cases SGI may cover all the costs for a rental while your vehicle is being repaired. Contact your adjuster to confirm this. To work with Auto Hire Car Rental you must be 21 years of age, possess a valid license, and provide a credit card for security. We do have free shuttle service within the city limits and will cover most of the cost for a rental if required and only ask for a nominal fee for the use.

Do You Replace Windshields?

Yes, we offer same day glass replacement and use PGW auto glass. With superior quality PGW is an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) supplier for many makes. We also do windshield chip repairs, sometimes with no appointment necessary.

Do You Use OEM Parts in Repairs?

SGI requires any vehicle with more than 20,000kms, or older than 1 year may have used or aftermarket parts used in the repair. As part of a package policy you may request only OEM parts used on your vehicle.

Do you fix only GM products at Key Collision Centre?

No! Our technicians are experienced on most domestic and import vehicles. While we specialize in GM products, we can fix just about anything.

I was in a small accident, the person that hit me doesn’t want to go through insurance – what do I do?

Always collect the driver’s information and license plate number from the vehicle, and get an estimate before settling on a price.

Do you guarantee your work?

We offer 1 year warranty on all work performed, as well, we give a limited lifetime warranty on our paint work.

Do you fix stone chips and what is the cost?

Yes we do, a basic cost of $40.00 for the first repair and $15.00 for each additional.